More updates- Aug 3, 2008

Did you know that SaltStick products are already in use by race champions around the world? 2008 SaltStick athlete results include... Chris “Macca” McCormack set a record of 7:59:54 winning time for Frankfurt Ironman European Championship. 1. Wildflower, 1. Hawaii 70.3 Luke Bell 1. Lake Stevens 70.3, 1. Spirit of Racine triathlon Ronnie Schildknecht 1. Ironman Switzerland in 8:16 James Cotter 4. Rhode Island 70.3 in 3:59:37 Craig Alexander 1. Newfoundland Ironman 70.3 and 2. Vineman 70.3 Joanna Zeiger- 1. Vineman, 4. Lifetime Fitness tri Nic Guembel- 2. Newfoundland Ironman 70.3 Becky Lavelle 3. Lifetime Fitness tri and heading to Beijing Olympics as US term alternate in triathlon Wolfgang Guembel 1. Muskoka chase Melanie McQuaid 1. XTERRA East Championships – Richmond Conrad Stoltz- 1. XTerra National Championships East & West "Team SaltStick" to race in Trans-Rockies 6-day 120 mile foot race: SaltStick recently signed a 2-year sponsorship deal with the...
SaltStick - Jul 28, 2008
Welcome to the SaltStick News Blog!

Welcome to the SaltStick News Blog!

Welcome to the SaltStick News Blog! The following entries will provide updates on topics relating to SaltStick products, athletes, events and news. Chris "Macca" McCormack won the Ironman Frankfurt European Championship today in a spectacular time of 7:59:53! Macca is a long-time SaltStick athlete, depending exclusively on SaltStick capsules and dispensers to eliminate muscle cramping, so he can focus on the athletic task at hand. Macca won the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 2007, and is looking at defending his title this year. SaltStick mountaineer Jordan Romero, now the youngest (he's 12!) ever to climb Mt. McKinley (Denali), summited on June 19th, his 5th successful summit in his quest for climbing the highest summit on each continent! Jordan loves his SaltStick dispenser, filled with SaltStick Caps of course! Don't forget to vote for Jordan on Cartoon Network. Visit Jordan's website and the link is on the front page....
SaltStick - Jul 05, 2008
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