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SaltStick Vitassium Club

vitassim for U.S. residents only.* The Vitassium Club is strictly for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS or EDS that use SaltStick as a daily supplement. If this describes you, or a child or dependent you care for, then we encourage you to join the Vitassium Club today.

What is Vitassium?

SaltStick Vitassium has been formulated to provide salts to help maintain electrolyte levels, support healthy blood pressure, reduce fatigue, support cognitive function, and reduce dizziness due to low blood pressure. These symptoms affect many people with underlying conditions, and Vitassium may be helpful to increase sodium plasma levels, which has been shown to help with the above symptoms. Click HERE to learn more about Vitassium.

I have a daughter who has POTS and EDS. We heard about SaltStick through a Facebook Support Group site for parents with children with POTS. Regular sodium tabs were too harsh on my daughter’s stomach and she couldn’t tolerate them.

“Then someone in the group recommended SaltStick. At first my daughter was using regular SaltStick and was thrilled that they didn’t cause any nausea or stomach upset! Then we switched to Vitassium. My daughter prefers these because they are smaller, thus, easier to swallow, and her cardiologist approved of them since they have a smaller potassium content and a higher sodium content. Vitassium also doesn’t include the extra electrolytes my daughter doesn’t need. It’s a win, win!!

Thank you so much for coming out with a product that helps my daughter function better throughout the day.

— Laurie, from Hubbardston, MA

Vitassium Club Key Facts:

  • The Vitassium Club is strictly for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS or EDS that use SaltStick as a daily supplement.
  • Vitassium Club members get the best price anywhere on Vitassium and other SaltStick Electrolytes when they order at shopsaltstick.com. No need to enter coupons or promos at checkout!
  • Vitassium Club members are the first to know about new medical literature, special promotions and new products.

U.S. residents* can join the Vitassium Club by doing two things:
(1) Submit the Vitassium Club Application Form below and
(2) Create a Store Account at ShopSaltStick.com.

If you are accepted to the Vitassium Club, we will send you a welcome email with a complete list of Club benefits and details within 2-3 business days after receiving your application.

*If you are located outside the U.S., please join our mailing list for updates on Vitassium distribution in your country: join mailing list.