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Manufacturing & Safety

SaltStick Electrolytes are made in the USA at an FDA-inspected cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Between each production run, machines in our contract labs are cleaned based on cGMP compliant cleaning procedures, as well as all other handling steps. This ensures the quality of the final product is of the highest pharmaceutical standard. Learn more by clicking one of our key links below:

*READ: SaltStick has posted our response to recent announcements about salt tablets in professional triathlon. Our products are clean and safe, because we care about you. You can find our full statement here.

Banned Substance & Drug Testing

Many lots of SaltStick are tested for prohibited substances. None of our competitors can say that. How else can Ironman World Champions and Half-Ironman World Champions depend on our products?  We recognize the importance of drug-free sport, and of competing on a level playing field. As a sponsor of many elite-level athletes around the globe, we take the safety of our products seriously, and SaltStick is the electrolyte supplement of choice.

SaltStick Electrolytes are produced in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility to ensure product of the highest quality, and our products contain only the ingredients listed on the label. SaltStick Electrolytes are safe and legal for use in any sporting event governed by all sporting governing bodies worldwide. These cannot be listed here due to trademark concerns, but if you play a sport, SaltStick complies with you sport’s governing body requirements. Moreover, SaltStick products are produced in a facility that is certified to produce products for sporting use, and as such, the facility does not process ANY banned substances, for any customer, at any time.

Accidental contamination of supplements with prohibited substances is of great concern for every athlete, especially professionals who are tested on a regular basis. Many lots of SaltStick Electrolytes continue to be tested for the presence of a wide range of banned substances using LGC’s ISO17025 accredited screens for supplements. Extensive and long-term testing has been conducted on most lots produced, and all tested lots have been negative for contamination. More information on LGS’s testing is available here.

Q: Why isn’t every lot of SaltStick tested now?

A: Every lot was tested between 2008 and 2012 to establish a baseline. Given the confidence in our production facility, suppliers, methods, and incorporated safety parameters, and the associated testing costs, we now test statistically-significant random production lots. This still exceeds the level of testing of any established supplement testing program.

Q: Why isn’t SaltStick part of an established testing program?
A: SaltStick products already exceed the level of scientific scrutiny applicable to existing registration programs, that are very expensive to join. Our facility is already registered certified for preparation of sporting nutritional products (including the provision of no banned substances on site). A vast number of production lots have, and continue to be, tested to be free of banned substances. 

FDA and Supplements

More insight into the importance of cGMP supplement production, analytical testing and sources of contamination can be found in a 3-part series of articles written for the multisport website slowtwich.com. Links to the articles can be found below or in the Press & Reviews section.

Supplement Testing

Ironman Champ Craig Alexander Talks about Supplement Testing


Testing Results

The following list of SaltStick Electrolyte lots have been tested and found NOT to contain any of over 200 of the most common prohibited substances that can be present as a result of inadvertent contamination. Links to the certificate of analysis (COA) for each lot is provided for your information and protection.

“Search” for your lot number to view the independent analysis provided by LGC. Can’t find your lot number? Learn how to find your lot number. Lot numbers that are not listed in the chart below have not been specifically tested for banned substances. However, due to our strong manufacturing support, 100% clean track record, and ongoing testing of production lots that exceed all industry guidance, we have complete confidence that all SaltStick product lots are free of banned substances.  For identical lots with different language labels, lot numbers are grouped together by single analysis. 

Test Date
Lot Number
Content Analysis
2008-05-16SaltStick Caps0925, 0926, 0995, 408042 & 0025PDF Link
2008-05-16SaltStick Caps61422PDF Link
2009-01-15SaltStick Caps1223PDF Link
2009-01-15SaltStick Caps1317PDF Link
2009-01-15SaltStick Caps1009PDF Link
2009-01-15SaltStick Caps1169PDF Link
2009-05-22SaltStick Caps1398PDF Link
2009-05-22SaltStick Caps1520PDF Link
2009-05-22SaltStick Caps1400PDF Link
2009-05-22SaltStick Caps1522PDF Link
2009-08-01SaltStick CapsD0949PDF Link
2009-09-18SaltStick Caps2080PDF Link
2009-09-18SaltStick Caps2081PDF Link
2009-09-18SaltStick Caps2082PDF Link
2009-09-18SaltStick Caps2083PDF Link
2009-09-18SaltStick Caps2305PDF Link
2010-01-19SaltStick Caps2628PDF Link
2010-01-19SaltStick Caps2630PDF Link
2010-01-19SaltStick Caps2631PDF Link
2010-01-19SaltStick Caps2632PDF Link
2010-01-19SaltStick Caps1009051PDF Link
2010-05-26SaltStick Caps2885PDF Link
2010-05-26SaltStick Caps2886PDF Link
2010-05-26SaltStick Caps2939PDF Link
2010-05-26SaltStick Caps3155PDF Link
2010-05-26SaltStick Caps3268PDF Link
2010-06-01SaltStick Caps52201PDF Link
2010-06-01SaltStick Caps0353, 0728, & 0805PDF Link
2010-29-10SaltStick Caps3366PDF Link
2010-29-10SaltStick Caps3495PDF Link
2010-29-10SaltStick Caps3496PDF Link
2010-29-10SaltStick Caps3660PDF Link
2010-29-10SaltStick Caps710041PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps PLUS511105PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps PLUS4556PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps3909, 3910, 3911, 3912PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4093PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4230, 4232PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4231PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4231PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4465, 4466, 4467PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps4766, 4767PDF Link
2011-09-30SaltStick Caps211085PDF Link
2012-06-24SaltStick Caps PLUS5629PDF Link
2012-06-24SaltStick Caps PLUS5395, 5396PDF Link
2012-06-24SaltStick Caps PLUS4667PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5174, 5175, 5176, 5177, 5184 & 5185PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps4561PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5178, 5179, 5186, 5187PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5399/01, 5399, 5400, 5401, 5402, 5403PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5402PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5511, 5512, 5513, 5513/01, 5514PDF Link
2012-07-24SaltStick Caps5635, 5636, 5637, 5638, 5639PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps PLUS6908PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps PLUS6762PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps PLUS6563, 6564 PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps6567, 6568, 6569, 6570, 6571PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps6767PDF Link
2013-09-27SaltStick Caps6766, 6768, 6769, 6770 PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps PLUS8321, 8322, 8323, 8324PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps PLUS8460, 8461, 8462PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps PLUS8716, 8716/01, 8717, 8718PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps PLUS8861, 8862, 8863, 8864PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps 8778, 8779PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps8858, 8859, 8860PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps8868, 8869, 8870, 8871, 8872PDF Link
2015-05-04SaltStick Caps8950, 8851PDF Link
2015-10-01SaltStick Fastchews152618, 152619PDF Link
2016-06-01SaltStick Caps PLUS9536, 9535, 10175, 10174, 10301, 1115036, 9940PDF Link
2016-06-01SaltStick Caps9932, 9931, 10183, 10180, 10181,10182, 10309, 10306, 10307,10308, 10312, 10310, 10311PDF Link
2017-02-13SaltStick Caps616012, 10626, 11188, 11187, 11186, 11185, 11189, 11190PDF Link
2017-02-13SaltStick Caps PLUS616014, 10628, 10930, 10931, 10426, 10300PDF Link
2018-07-02SaltStick Caps13375, 13376, 13377, 13378, 13379, 917020, 12156, 12157, 12158, 12159, 12160, 11766, 11765, 11767, 11768, 11769, 12049, 12048 PDF Link
2018-07-02SaltStick Fastchews164468, 164469, 173418, 173419PDF Link