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Joanna Zeiger, 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion & World's Best Time, 2x Ironman Winner, 4th Sydney 2000 Olympics, 5th Ironman Hawaii 2000

I just wanted to let you know that the Saltstick Caps are awesome. I have used them at every race for the past 2 years and they work like a dream. Thanks so much -- I can't wait to use them from now on!

Becky Lavelle, Winner, Wildflower triathlon 2007, 2nd Lifetime fitness triathlon, 1st Escape from Alcatraz

I raced 4 times in 15 days! Not that I'll do that again, but all in all it went well. I also wanted to let you know that I'm loving the salt capsules... I think they really helped me at LTF. Ever since I started using them, I haven't felt sick after hot races either... I used to have a problem of feeling sick several hours after a tough/hot race. But that hasn't happened in a while. :) So thank you again!! I've tried a number of different salt tablets for hot and humid races, and Saltstick Caps are the only ones that have the right amount of sodium, are gentle on my stomach, and really work! They are the best!

Chris McCormack, Winner Ironman Hawaii 2007, 2nd Ironman Hawaii 2006 and multiple Ironman and triathlon winner

Yes the Salt dispenser worked really well and I will be using it again. The bigger one would be better but 6 salt tabs were fine in the end. In a hot year I might need a few more but for now it was perfect.
Your SaltStick Caps are awesome, mate!

Normann Stadler, 2004 and 2006 Ironman World Champion and multi-Ironman winner

It is important to include minerals, especially sodium. For that reason I always have salt-tablets with me.

Patrick Watson, Team REVO

We just got back from doing the Raid World Championships in Canada. We finished after 7 days and 4 hours of racing. I typically used the Saltstick Caps every hour or so, either one or two depending on how much I've been sweating. I really don't think you should change anything, it's a perfect mix of everything right now. Not too strong, yet not too weak and you can adjust it as needed by taking more or less. Also, several of my friends are doing the Everest Challenge and I have referred them to your product. We couldn't have finished without them. Thanks again!

Bill, Colorado Springs

As a new and improving trail runner, I am winding my way through "what works." Even with gels and various sports drinks, I have never experienced the type of sustained energy and overall lack of muscle fatigue since I started using SaltStick Caps on my long runs with one each hour. A recent 25M race came in with negative splits, broke my goal time and my post race recovery was excellent. Thanks for the great product.

Jonathan Stewart

I just got back from a multi-day trek in the Andes where I was hiking up to nearly 5000 meters for over 9 hours a day with a limited diet. Sounds like fun, eh? Well, SaltStick Caps helped keep my electrolytes balanced in spite of the difficulties and are a weight-and-space-efficient alternative to drink mixes for long backpacking trips. They also made a great addition to my first aid kit to help replenish salts after GI issues.

Mark Brooks

Having participated in triathlon for 10 years, my biggest limiter was not my fitness levels but cramp. I could regularly been seen at races, standing still screaming in agony as my legs went into uncontrolled spasms. I had DNF-ed more Half Ironmans than I had completed and was ready to give it all up. It was suggested I try Saltsticks before and during the race. 3 weeks after this I raced a Half Ironman with no cramp issues at all and finished 6th overall beating the elite women. To me this product has turned racing from "when will I cramp?" to "how fast can I go?"

Alan Romania

I had a pair of Saltstick dispensers on my bike for IMAZ, they each held 6 Hammer eCaps. They are by far the easiest method of dispensing caplets while riding I have ever used! The added weight is miniscule, and they are easy to mount... mine are inside my aerobars facing towards me! I am going to stick to the coin purse for running, but I have two of the mini-Saltsticks that will be going on my road bike. Great product... wish I had though of it!


I bought two of these (saltsticks) for IMMoo and mounted them in my bars (like Stadler). I had asked about these (on Slowtwitch.com) before I bought them, but, got little response. I promised to write a product review, but, failed to do so... So .... I used them and they worked incredibly well. If you recall, IMMoo was a wet mess all day. The sticks kept my salt caps completely dry. Having them right on your bars makes you remember to actually take the caps on a regular basis. I also bought two mini saltsticks and put them on my race number belt for the run. Again, in the rain, kept the pills perfectly dry and very easy to access. Small little turn and the pill pops right out. I love these things. Showed them to my lbs guy after the race. He liked them so much, he has decided to start stocking them.

Howard C. Atlanta GA

I have to tell you that I attribute my success at IMAZ 07 to your amazing product. I've always had nutrition/hydration problems from bike to run, however, with your product, all the nutrition and hydration I took on the course absorbed cleanly into my system. No swampy stomach. I was amazed. It propelled me to a PR 9:55, and Hawaii qualifier.

Leslie Holton

...I buckled down and did some hard training in preparation for Ironman Lake Placid this past weekend. Your SaltSticks are just THE BEST! ... I set my bike up on Saturday before the race with two SaltSticks on the handlebars, just under my aeropads. It was pouring rain and I only had a plastic bag big enough to cover my chain. I didn't think to remove the SaltSticks until I was laying in bed that night. Oh well. Sunday morning was still dripping as we entered the water to start the race. Got through the swim and headed out on the bike. My handlebars were soaked, everything was soaked. As I coasted down the downhill into Keene it was time for my first salt capsule. Twisted the stick, and out popped a perfectly dry capsule. Not a drop of moisture on it!

I took 8 SaltStick Caps on the bike with water as my main electrolyte replacement and felt great. No stomach issues, no dry Gatorade mouth. Thank you for making such a great product!

Dan Slagle

As any triathlete knows, nutrition is an extremely important part of your race. This product is great, it makes it very easy to get to your electrolyte pills or whatever else you take and prevents them from getting wet and falling apart. Wonderful product!


Maybe this should be in the nutrition section, since that's what it is for, but it is a neat trick, which makes it a gadget. It is designed to hold electrolyte tablets. There are two sizes, one holds 3-5 tabs, the other 5-7. The big ones fit inside aerobars, the smaller inside regular road bars. Both sizes can also be mounted outside any bars, or attached to a race belt. Once they are loaded, you simply turn the top clockwise and a capsule slowly pops out. Much easier than dealing with plastic baggies, film canisters, or any other capsule storage I have seen. Really smart idea, really smart design. I have 4 for the bike, and am getting a couple more for the race belt. (If you haven't read elsewhere, I sweat a lot, so need lots of electrolytes)

Jared Berg - Elite Triathlete and Endurance Coach

Salt capsules have been a staple of mine when racing long course triathlons for a number of years... At Wildflower, I started on the run and immediately took a SaltStick capsule... I am convinced that the SaltStick Caps had the right composition to keep the cramps from stopping my forward progress...Thanks!

6/1-3/06 D. Shen

...Honu 70.3...Luckily, the supporting bike shop sets up in the hotel and I get my derailleur shifting fixed. There, I get registered and roam the race shop. I find this new gadget called the SaltStick http://www.saltstick.com. It is a salt tablet dispenser that is mounted within the aerobar handle. All you do is twist the dispenser and it slowly gives you one tablet at a time. COOL! No more fumbling with ziplocks on the ride!

IM Nutrition:

  • Bike:
  • 2 Large Water Bottles each w/ 1.5 scoops Accelerade and one scoop Carbo-Pro, 3 small scoops of Endurolyte powder.
  • 2 bites Balance Bar
  • 1 GU every 45 minutes
  • 1 Saltstick electrolyte capsule every 30 minutes
  • Run:
  • 2 Large Fuel Belt bottles of Cola
  • 1 GU every 45 minutes
  • 1 Saltstick electrolyte capsule every 30 minutes

Chris M.

I used Saltstick at IMAZ this past weekend [2008] and really must say how pleased I was with the product..Conditions were a little extreme and folks were cramping up right, left and center but I got to race my race and really never did have a problem.Guess this stuff really works!

Peter C.

I ran my first 25k Trail run at Malibu Creek a few weeks ago and had a bad cramp on my left calf near Castro Peak. A random runner came to my aid and handed me 2 SaltStick capsules and told me the cramp would go away within a few minutes. It worked! I ended up finishing in just under 3 hrs and bumped into the lady, who gave me the pills, at the finish line. She told me that the same thing happened to her previously: She was also given SaltStick caps by another random runner. It's awesome what these electrolyte capsules did for me and what they'll do for me on future trail runs and marathons.

Terry C.

I just finished the dreaded Mulholland Challenge ride of 108 miles and 12,000 ft of climbing and was delighted that I didn't cramp at all, especially at my magic 80 mile mark. I have to thank Saltstick Caps to completing the challenge unscathed.