saltstick dispenser

A water-resistant holder-dispenser for capsules designed to fit INSIDE mountain bike or triathlon handlebars or mounted on running belts, bicycle frames, and so much more!

SaltStick Dispenser

The following brands of capsules are easily dispensed from the SaltStick and the SaltStick mini. Compatible sizes: 0, 00: all regular-sized capsules generally used for supplements. Also fits some compressed powder tablets.

Of course we are biased in favor of:

  • SaltStick Capsules
    1-2 capsules per hour
    Salt Stick Capsules (size 00)

...and then there are...but why would you want to use these brands after you've read this?

  • Endurolytes, Size 00
  • Succeed, Size 0
  • Thermolyte, Size 0
  • Lava Salts, Size 0

Note: This list is not comprehensive. Any standard-sized capsule should fit inside the dispensers. If your company is not on this list and wish to be, please contact us.