Sean Fontana | GB

Sean Fontana

Sean’s introduction to athletics began on the soccer field, and in a desire to lose weight and improve his performance, he eventually began running. But the more he ran, the more he fell in love with endurance training and the highs that accompany a hard session. At 16 years old, Sean entered his first road race, and a new passion was found.

Today, Sean works toward his goal of making the European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic championships, racing the 10,000-meter distance and ultimately, the marathon.

Athletic Achievements:

  • Winning national senior titles in the 1,500-meters, 3,000-meters, 5,000-meters, and 10,000-meters
  • Representing the UK
  • 3rd place at British junior 1500-meter indoor championships

How SaltStick helps Sean:

“SaltStick allows me to train hard in any weather conditions, knowing that I am replacing the salts I am sweating out and also helping my muscles recover fast. As a result, I don’t cramp up, and the electrolytes allow my muscles to stay hydrated.”

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