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Marissa Ward

Marissa Ward began her running journey in 2014 as way to get healthy and lose some weight. After completing her first race, a two-mile sand dune event in North Carolina in which she finished as the second overall female, Marissa quickly realized her love for a sport she had previously feared. That same year Marissa joined Cleveland State University’s cross country team as a walk-on, where she competed for two seasons.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, after graduation, she ran her first marathon at 21 weeks pregnant in April 2016, in a time fast enough to secure a spot at the start line of the 2017 Boston Marathon. From then on, Marissa realized the marathon was her favorite distance and the push to finding out what more her body is capable of keeps her going.

Athletic Achievements:

  • First place (W) at the 2018 Fort4Fitness marathon in Fort Wayne
  • Raced as part of the subelite wave of the 2018 NYC Marathon in 2018
  • Marathon PB: 2:56:48

How SaltStick helps Marissa:

“Until I found SaltStick, I would struggle to race in the heat, but SaltStick has helped me to train and race hard without cramping.”

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