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Growing up, Lauren’s dad taught her how to play tennis at the neighborhood court, and she has not put the racket down since. In college, Lauren captained the University of Arizona tennis team and played the #1 singles and doubles position, ranking among the top 20 in the NCAA. For a time, college tennis was the ultimate goal, but Lauren soon realized she would not be ready to put the racket down after graduation. Improving tremendously during her four years at Arizona, Lauren decided that going pro was a realistic decision. Today, she lives an trains in Arizona, pursuing her goal to succeed in professional tennis.

“I am extremely passionate about tennis and I love to compete,” Lauren says. “The amazing thing about this sport is that you’re competing with yourself. You will have good days and bad days but ultimately you are just trying to be the best version of yourself day in and day out.”


Athletic Achievements:

  • Only the second player in Arizona history to win over 100+ matches
  • 2x First team All PAC-12 Selection
  • 3x PAC-12 Player of the Week
  • Career singles high #18 NCAA
  • 5x NCAA Tournament Selection
  • ITA Senior of the Year Southwest


How SaltStick helps Lauren:

“I sweat a ton and SaltStick has done a phenomenal job of replenishing my electrolytes and helping me avoid cramps and heat exhaustion. On the tour we travel to all different kinds of climates to compete, and SaltStick to keeps me hydrated through all of my matches!”


Lauren’s favorite thing about running:

“The opportunity to compete all over the world.”

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