Kevin Gries | US

kevin gries runner

After riding the bench in early high school football, Kevin’s coach told him to join the track team to help gain some speed. Kevin naturally took to running and quickly found enjoyment and success in long distance, eventually running track and cross country in college. After graduating and battling injury, Kevin worked as a graduate assistant coach where he helped lead several All-Americans and a team national championship.

Helping to coach high caliber athletes helped him to bring his running career to a new level: It was here that Kevin took his knowledge of physiology and psychology, combining the two in a holistic approach to help him reach the best version of himself. While still competing in a variety of distances, from 5Ks to marathons, Kevin is completing his Ph.D. in Exercise Science. Along with training and studying, Kevin enjoys time with his wife and reading philosophy.

Athletic Achievements:

  • Top 15 2017 Indy Mini (11th)
  • Top 15 2016 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (15)
  • 101st 2017 Chicago Marathon
  • 158th 2015 Boston Marathon
  • 3rd place 2014 Madison Marathon
  • 3x Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake marathon champion

How SaltStick helps Kevin:

“After reading the hyponatremia science in endurance events, I became aware that this was most likely a reason for fatigue. SaltStick helps me maintain sodium concentrations to help reduce fatigue due to hyponatremia, especially in the heat.”

Kevin’s favorite thing about running:

“Relieves stress listening to quick footsteps.”