Desirae Krawczyk | US

Desirae Krawczyk tennis

Introduced to the sport of tennis by her dad at age two, Desirae started competing in tournaments when she was just six years old. While her dad played in his morning leagues at the family’s local country club, Desirae grew up hitting a tennis ball against the wall and keeping herself busy until it was time to practice. In her early years, she competed in junior tournaments nationwide, and after graduating high school, Desirae attended Arizona State University (ASU). While there, she played both #1 singles and doubles and was named an NCAA All-American.

After ASU, Desirae continued to pursue her dreams of being becoming a professional tennis player, and after one year, she achieved a doubles career high ranking of #134 in the world. Desirae’s current goal is to crack the top 100  and compete in a Grand Slam event.

Athletic Achievements:

  • Career high ranking #134 after one calendar year
  • Five doubles titles in 2017
  • 2x PAC-12 first team
  • NCAA All-American
  • NCAA doubles highest ranked #6

How SaltStick helps Desirae:

“When I’m competing on court in various conditions — especially in hot and humid places all around the world — SaltStick helps keep me stay hydrated and retain electrolytes I’ve lost so that I can work to my best ability.”

Desirae’s favorite thing about tennis:

“Competing and traveling the world to new places.”