Bryan Morseman | US


At age 11, Bryan started running and has not stopped since. Possessed by a boundless energy that allowed him to run all day without tiring, Bryan figured he would eventually find success as a runner. He was right: A three-time USA junior Olympic All-American cross country runner, Bryan has won 35 of the 56 marathons he has entered, and continues to rack up several wins a year.

A precious metals clerk by day, Bryan uses all of his prize money to support his wife and two sons. In 2014, his wife underwent prenatal surgery because their then-unborn son had been diagnosed with spina bifida. Today, Bryan continues to race hard for his family, who come out to support him in every race.


Athletic Achievements:

  • 3x USA junior Olympics All-American for cross country
  • 35 marathon wins out of 56 entered
  • 24th overall in the NYC Marathon in 2009 (15th USA Championships)


How SaltStick helps Bryan:

“I love SaltStick because it taste great, and dissolves so easily and leaves no mess. SaltStick also sits well in the stomach and is easy to digest, therefore making the experience of taking the product easy.”


Bryan’s favorite thing about running:

“Competition, pain and the overall reward.”

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