Alex Provost | CA

alex provost adventure racing

Alex became interested in adventure racing in 2000 when he was support crew for friends at a 36-hour race.”The beauty of AR is that anything you can think of is probably good training,” said Alex. His favorite forms of training include commuting to work, evening and weekend rides, orienteering, yoga, or by paddling on his trainer in his garage while listening to Star Trek. When he isn’t adventure racing, Alex loves to hike or mountain bike — finding his way with a compass, taking time to appreciate views, and having a picnic.

These days he is really into gravel road group rides where riders stop for a beer half way. He also loves to cook and is often found trying out new mountain biking trails. To Alex, racing is a way to discover the world, make new friends, and discover more about himself. What is Alex’s advice to new adventure racers? “Trust your compass.”​

Athletic Achievements:

  • +150 adventure races around the world, including 5x World Championships
  • +30 wins with record 11 time Rogaine Laurentides champion
  • Involved with Canadian Adventure Racing Association working for the growth of AR

How SaltStick helps Alex:

“I sweat a lot in warm and even cool conditions, especially in short events where the intensity is high. I use SaltStick to stay on top of electrolytes; otherwise, I would cramp while pushing the pace through the woods. I often take them in advance to start fresh. In longer races I take SaltStick every hour or so to have a regular intake and not worry about falling short a few days later.”

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