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Sponsored Events & Clubs

SaltStick is proud to work with a variety of events and clubs in the endurance community to support their members and participants as they race or train.  To learn more about these events and clubs, or to follow them on social media, please click on the profiles below. If you are interested in having your event or club sponsored by SaltStick, please visit our section on sponsorship inquiries.

Sponsored Events

canadian death race logo

Canadian Death Race | CA

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125K of extreme mountain trail, 3 mountain summits, 17K feet of elevation change and 1 wild river crossing in 24 hours.

Bulldog Trail Runs | US

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Choose from 25K or 50K trail-running options in beautiful Mailbu Creek State Park.


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DIRT is an endurance experience in which participants have to challenge themselves in a variety of ways.

Born To Run Logo

All We Do Is Run | US

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Join for a weekend of trail running, live music, and camping. This event takes place on the East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos, CA.

Tejas Trails

Tejas Trails | US

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Tejas Trails hosts 15 Trail Running Races and 1 Road Race throughout Texas, in distances ranging from 5K to 100 miles.

Speedgoat 50K logo

Speedgoat 50K | US

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The Speedgoat 50K is a challenging and hilly trail race hosted at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Snowbird, Utah.

hammer trail logo

Hammer Trail | DK

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Hammer Trail is one of the toughest trail running on Danish soil and takes place every year in May in North Bornholm.

Inside Trail Logo

Inside Trail Racing | US

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Inside Trail is a trail race production and management company, which offers trail runs of varying distances throughout the year.


Sponsored Clubs

ZoeFitness Logo

Zoe Fitness | US

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Zoe Fitness provides coaching services to endurance athletes, and hosts a nationally-ranked team of multi-sport/MTB athletes.

Amgen Cycling Club | US

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Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, the Amgen Cycling Club is a competitive team and club, based out of Amgen, Inc.

silicon valley triathlon club

Silicon Valley Triathlon Club | US

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Located in Cupertino, CA, the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club is the largest and longest-running triathlon club in Silicon Valley.